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Friday Flashback: AMA Conference 2022!

To celebrate the first week of AMA starting at JMU, let's talk about the conference in Chicago from the last school year!

Last spring, 10 members of JMU's American Marketing Association -- Tyler Esterly, Sydney Stallard, Kiera Burns, Becca Robjohns, Natalie Keller, Sarah Chapman, Reilly Phelps, Ashlianne Shigley, Leanne Olson, Toby Howard -- went to represent our chapter at the International Collegiate Conference (ICC). There, each member was able to network and meet with marketing professionals as well as other members of different chapters from around the country.

At the conference, there were many opportunities to gain experience, through panels with marketing professionals or going through a focus group, or to receive advice about improving resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Members were also able to compete in multiple competitions, like a marketing plan competition.

Although it seems the trip was very jam-packed with networking and professional events, the group was still able to enjoy time with each other and do some sight-seeing; they went to see the Bean and went to the giant Starbucks Roastery! They were able to get to know one another more than they did before and the younger members were able to ask the older members for advice about JMU and marketing.

All in all, the conference was a great opportunity for all the members and an amazing bonding opportunity for the club.

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